The MMOsketeers #15: 2012-06-05

1 hour 19 mins - Published Tue, Jun 5, 2012 by Breki Tomasson, Jack Marshall, Petter Mårtensson and Teppo Tastic

Even the stalwart heroes of the Three MMOsketeers aren’t immune to the lure of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, so this week they go nuts for all sorts of gaming.

Sadly Arkenor couldn’t make it for this episode, but two guests – in the form of CSICON editor-in-chief Breki and his Geek Positive partner in crime Jack – joined up to discuss what has been going on over in Los Angeles. But not until the latest MMO news, like the pre-purchase options of Lord of the Rings: Riders of Rohan and the level cap increase in both Star Wars: The Old Republic and Rift (through its upcoming Storm Legion-expansion), have been talked about of course. The MMOsketeers’ hearts still beat for virtual worlds! Breki gives us an explanation of why Diablo 3 should be counted as one, with varying results…

But then the gloves come off and it’s time to discuss the media briefings of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo and the feelings they left everyone with. It’s not a pretty sight. But there are a couple of actual games that stand out in the crowd of “powered by Kinect” and clumsy ways of using tablet controls.

The MMOsketeers

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