The MMOsketeers #151: Barnacular Loving

1 hour 6 mins - Published Sun, Jan 17, 2016 by Jenahra and Teppo Tastic

This week MMOsketeers features a relatively brief discussion on food (Turkey Omelettes FTW) followed by a choice selection of MMO meats. Including The Division embargo being lifted with lots of cool new information as well as a date for Beta; Elder Scrolls Online laying out their plans for the next 6 months, featuring Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood content; Star Wars: The Old Republic makes a slightly less impressive or surprising Livestream talking about a new Warzone, crafting changes and new story content for Knights of the Fallen Empire; Crowfall releases their new Pantheon page.

Tepp’s favourite is the Mother of Cats; Elite:Dangerous gets a bad case of the Space Barnacles. You can get a cream for that now. Spacecream. You can’t hear it; And finally The Repopulation tells us they will have something to tell us at the end of the month and that it won’t be that it’s all over but for the singing.

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