The MMOsketeers #31: SOE Live and Halloween!

55 mins - Published Tue, Oct 23, 2012 by Arkenor Oakshadow, Petter Mårtensson and Teppo Tastic

So, SOE Live happened, which means we got some goodness from Las Vegas over the last few days – including the brand new direction of EQNext and a release date for Planetside 2! Teppo is thus filled with joy in this episode of The Three MMOsketeers. To celebrate, we got a Planetside 2 beta key to give out!

Other topics this week include the Halloween partying going on in Guild Wars 2, the live event heralding the coming of the Storm Legion in Rift and the poor, poor bastard in EVE Online who stuffed his cargo hold full of blueprints to the tune of 213,000,000,000 ISK and then got his ship blown up. Ouch.

Also, why do people eat candy corn? Arkenor needs to know.

Now, beta giveaways! If you want a Rift: Storm Legion beta key, just post a comment below (and please, please, please make sure we get your e-mail address when you do) – the first five to post comments get a beta key sent their way. All the Rift: Storm Legion beta keys we had have been given out! Enjoy!

If you want to get your hands on our Planetside 2 beta key, listen to the episode for the competition rules!

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