The MMOsketeers #35: Trion’s Adam Gershowitz on Rift: Storm Legion

1 hour 16 mins - Published Tue, Nov 27, 2012 by Adam Gershowitz, Arkenor Oakshadow and Petter Mårtensson

We were lucky enough to have Rift Producer Adam Gershowitz with us this week, who has happy to fill us in on how things have been going since the launch of Storm Legion, and gave us some clues as to where the adventure will be heading next.

We discussed how dimensions will be fitting in with the upcoming Yule event, the future of raiding, and much more.

The interview may have ended, but we were still full of beans. Beans of wrath. Arkenor’s wrath was directed towards the cheats that are currently spoiling Planetside 2. Petter’s wrath fell once more upon the near defenceless form of SWTOR‘s F2P model.

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