CSICON is an independent podcasting network, home to shows like Geekdays, Movieing On, The History Files, Gamepunting, The MMOsketeers and many more, with regular hosts such as Breki Tomasson, Petter Mårtensson, Josh Wodarz and Jeff Kelley. These shows and hosts are often guested by other Internet celebrities such as Tom Merritt, Dan Benjamin, Veronica Belmont and Jeff Cannata.

The network was founded by Petter and Breki 2011 as a place to gather, produce and distribute the podcasts that they were already creating and which they were planning to create in the future. What started off as one podcast quickly became three, which shortly thereafter was a dozen – and is still growing. Today, the network is getting many tens of thousands of unique listeners every month, and is still rapidly growing both their audience and their stable of shows while also broadening their media exposure into video and text-based content as well.

Meta information: The site theme is CSICON v3.2.0, designed and programmed by Breki Tomasson with deep integration against the plugins CoAuthors Plus v3.1.2 and the Category Meta v1.2.8 plugin. The default color palette is based on Street Pulsion 4.