Doctor, lover, fighter, and occasional misanthrope, Jen has been gaming for many many moons; at least since that wondrous balmy day some years ago when her parents first bought her a Commodore 64, and she has never stopped (well apart from the occasional rest/bio breaks and thesis writing). Dr. Jen is finally starting out her professional career as a researcher studying that which is closest to her heart - not herself, but geek culture. Her academic focus - if you can believe it - is video games, film, manga, and cosplay.

However, this bio would not be complete without mentioning that she was living her happy reclusive life (with sporadic visits to her local dojo) when she was kidnapped by Teppo Tastic who forced her to speak to the masses though podcasting. She can fully admit that it may be Stockholm syndrome, but she does not begrudge her captors and is happy to be a part of the CSICON family.

Jenahra can be found on Twitter.
Jenahra's active shows: The MMOsketeers.