Toerag - Social Justice Warrior

Toerag is old enough to remember the first release of Star Wars, before it was Episode IV, or A New Hope. He always liked Chewie best, and has, since then, grown into a hairy monster with a heart of gold. When not talking about films, he listens to podcasts. In fact, he's listened to every podcast CSICON has ever produced.

Like most people; he hates the sound of his own voice, so it is with some dismay that he embarked on the challenge of broadcasting. He is working on software for his own use that will automagically change his voice into that of Sir Alec Guinness, thus ensuring he can continue to enjoy Movieing On.

Toerag can be found on Twitter.
Toerag's active shows: Movieing On.
Toerag's cancelled shows: The Marvel Netflix Hour.