Claims of the Normal #14: 2011-04-13

- Published Wed, Apr 13, 2011 by Arkenor Oakshadow, Breki Tomasson and Petter Mårtensson

Wednesday feels like just a few days ago, but another one came and went, and yet another podcast was recorded!

For the first time (in podcast history!), we decided to try to split the podcast up into two parts, temporarily named “The State of the World Today” and “The Weird and Fantastic”. Please suggest new names for these parts of the show, as we’re quite aware how horrible the names are. Also, while discussing the podcast after recording it, we realized that the “State of the World” portion of the podcast may not feel as interesting to our listeners as we had hoped; so maybe next week we might talk less about politics, economy, finance and the repayment of the Icelandic debt towards Iceland… Because … Well … Yeah. You know.

So here’s what we talked about:

The State of the World Today

  • Federal agent forgets gun in airport restroom – behind the security check.
  • Glenn Beck is leaving his show!
  • Fifty years in space. Aren’t we upset that we haven’t gotten further than a few measly moon landings?
  • China wants to ban time travel elements in movies, claiming disrespect of history. Maybe, just maybe, it’s because these films show a pre-communist time where people are happy and everything is fine … Or the Chinese have a time machine in the works!
  • UK and Netherlands to sue Iceland.
  • Measles outbreak in Salt Lake City. None of the affected children are vaccinated. But at least they’re not catching the autism, amirite?!

The Weird and Fantastic

  • Arkenor getting weird links from Infendo. What on Earth is going on here?
  • Another Sims 3 expansion coming up, adding more content to the different age groups. Still no pets. Come on. Get on it, EA. We need pets.
  • Throwable fire extinguishers? Boy, those Japanese are great!
  • First episode of Mortal Kombat Web Series is out! First thoughts and opinions? What did we think about it?

Also, I made the promise that I would be playing the Guile theme in the background of the podcast all of next week. Remember to hold me to it!

Claims of the Normal

Claims of the Normal was the first show to launch on the CSICON Network. Originally intended as the only show to run on the website (the 'con' in CSICON stands for Claims of the Normal, after all), it quickly became the launch vehicle for so much more. Breki and Petter started the show, and got Arkenor on board, and it all just went from there.

The show, over time, was replaced by The MMOsketeers, starring Petter, Arkenor and Teppo, as well as Instanews, starring Breki and Jack. None of these shows exist in their original form, but the legacy created by Claims of the Normal lives on.

If you want to get in touch with the people behind the episode or talk to others who like it, feel free to join the CSICONauts chat room. Alternatively, you can find some of this episode's hosts and/or guests on Twitter: Arkenor Oakshadow, Breki Tomasson and Petter Mårtensson.