Claims of the Normal #17: 2011-04-25

57 mins - Published Mon, Apr 25, 2011 by Arkenor Oakshadow, Breki Tomasson and Petter Mårtensson

New episode. Yay. Ugh. Don’t hate us if it’s not as good as you’d hoped; we’ve had computer and health issues this week.

It’s Sunday, so we record a new episode. As Petter was hung over and Arkenor and myself were feeling horribly ill – some stomach bug or food poisoning – this episode was low-key and slightly rambling. I tried to spice things up with a bit of ska music in the background. Let’s see how well that went.

Here’s what we talked about:

  • Breki’s computer DIES HORRIBLY and stays down. Hence a slightly different podcast. Oh, and we’re horribly ill, too.
  • Amazon hosting services DIE HORRIBLY and stay down for a long time!
  • RIAA discovers their ultimate weapon – the line chart. Hilarity ensues.
  • Thursday was judgement day!
  • Portal 2, Everquest 2, Mortal Kombat 9.

… I’ve got to go lie down for a bit.

Claims of the Normal

Claims of the Normal was the first show to launch on the CSICON Network. Originally intended as the only show to run on the website (the 'con' in CSICON stands for Claims of the Normal, after all), it quickly became the launch vehicle for so much more. Breki and Petter started the show, and got Arkenor on board, and it all just went from there.

The show, over time, was replaced by The MMOsketeers, starring Petter, Arkenor and Teppo, as well as Instanews, starring Breki and Jack. None of these shows exist in their original form, but the legacy created by Claims of the Normal lives on.

If you want to get in touch with the people behind the episode or talk to others who like it, feel free to join the CSICONauts chat room. Alternatively, you can find some of this episode's hosts and/or guests on Twitter: Arkenor Oakshadow, Breki Tomasson and Petter Mårtensson.