Claims of the Normal #47: 2011-08-14

53 mins - Published Sun, Aug 14, 2011 by Arkenor Oakshadow, Breki Tomasson and Petter Mårtensson

Sunday evenings, podcast evenings, fun evenings, Quiz Kids evenings, talk about random stuff evenings. Great fun!

First off, one piece of big news. As of quite soon, Claims of the Normal will move back to being a once-a-week podcast, where Quiz Kids and Deathmatch of Death and More Death will be played after a bit of initial rambling from the three of us. Do not despair, however! We will be creating new podcasts on the CSICON Network at the same time, bumping up the amount of podcasts on the CSICON network to two or three. Stay tuned!

This episode saw Petter, Arkenor and myself talking about a bunch of interesting stuff! For example, did you know that it is quite possible that crop circles may be caused by wallabies stoned out of their mind? Personally, I think the Australian official quoted in the article is covering things up, but that’s just me. Other animals that aren’t in full control of their intellect include a squirrel with Downs Syndrome, recently found by a Redditor.

In other news, less related to animals with mental retardation (well …) , two EVE Online-players set up a Ponzi Scheme and steal a bunch of money from other players. Also, Google+ rolls out games.

Quiz Kids this week comes from Jon Broadley and is all about the movies of the 1990s. Many furrowed brows came as a result of trying to figure this one out.

Claims of the Normal

Claims of the Normal was the first show to launch on the CSICON Network. Originally intended as the only show to run on the website (the 'con' in CSICON stands for Claims of the Normal, after all), it quickly became the launch vehicle for so much more. Breki and Petter started the show, and got Arkenor on board, and it all just went from there.

The show, over time, was replaced by The MMOsketeers, starring Petter, Arkenor and Teppo, as well as Instanews, starring Breki and Jack. None of these shows exist in their original form, but the legacy created by Claims of the Normal lives on.

If you want to get in touch with the people behind the episode or talk to others who like it, feel free to join the CSICONauts chat room. Alternatively, you can find some of this episode's hosts and/or guests on Twitter: Arkenor Oakshadow, Breki Tomasson and Petter Mårtensson.