Claims of the Normal #090: 2012-07-01

55 mins - Published Sun, Jul 1, 2012 by Arkenor Oakshadow, Breki Tomasson and Petter Mårtensson

With a brand new logo and a Quiz Kids centered on the intricacies of American politics, another episode of Claims of the Normal was recorded!

This week, we returned to the UFO at the bottom of the Baltic Ocean, noting that it short-circuited electronics that came too close. I wonder why, I wonder how. Also, Mayan archaeologists (that’s archaeologists who study the Mayan people, not Mayan people who are also archaeologists) have uncovered proof that the world may be ending in 2012 after all. What a bummer. Last, but not least, the man from Redditch with a knack for remembering faces.

The winner of last week’s Deathmatch of Death and More Death was announced; it was Thor! This week, however, new fighters are drawn, and they are an interesting bunch. Fighting for Team Petter is Chuck Norris himself! Fighting for Team Arkenor is schwisch-schwisch, click-click-click-click-whirrrr, the Smoke Monster from Lost!

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Claims of the Normal

Claims of the Normal was the first show to launch on the CSICON Network. Originally intended as the only show to run on the website (the 'con' in CSICON stands for Claims of the Normal, after all), it quickly became the launch vehicle for so much more. Breki and Petter started the show, and got Arkenor on board, and it all just went from there.

The show, over time, was replaced by The MMOsketeers, starring Petter, Arkenor and Teppo, as well as Instanews, starring Breki and Jack. None of these shows exist in their original form, but the legacy created by Claims of the Normal lives on.

If you want to get in touch with the people behind the episode or talk to others who like it, feel free to join the CSICONauts chat room. Alternatively, you can find some of this episode's hosts and/or guests on Twitter: Arkenor Oakshadow, Breki Tomasson and Petter Mårtensson.