Coffee With Jeff #119: The Dale

31 mins - Published Sun, Feb 5, 2017 by Jeff Kelley

There was a car that you probably never heard of, a car that was all set to revolution the auto industry that never made it into production. It was going to be a lightweight, fuel-efficient and inexpensive car, weighing in at 1,000 pounds, would sell for less than $2,000 and would get an amazing 70 miles per gallon. This car that was set to transform the auto industry was called The Dale.

A slick, six-page, fill-color brochure showed the futuristic, banana-yellow Dale in all its glory. The cover of the brochure read, “The new 70 mpg Dale. Dollar for dollar, the best car ever built! Inside were even more remarkable claims, “ The most exciting new car of this century” “The first Space Age automobile” “Design and built like it’s ready to be driven to the moon.”

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