Coffee With Jeff #88: In Search Of Ancient Aviators

31 mins - Published Sun, May 15, 2016 by Jeff Kelley

In Search Of… was a television series that was broadcast weekly from 1977 to 1982, devoted to mysterious phenomena. On this show I am going to look at the third episode of the first season of In Search of was broadcasted on Apr 24, 1977.

On a desolate plane near the Peruvian Andes is evidence that thousand of years ago man may have known how to fly. Huge drawings are etched in the ground. They make sense only when viewed from a great height. Miles of what looks like modern runways score the desert. If they were, what matter of craft landed here? Who were the pilots? We’re conditioned to think that flight is the providence of modern man. Perhaps we are latecomers to the sky.

Of course, Leonard is talking about those mysterious markings on the Nazca Plain in southern Peru.

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