Coffee With Jeff #94: Aliens, Reptilians and the Dulce Base

32 mins - Published Sun, Jun 26, 2016 by Jeff Kelley

Dulce, New Mexico is a small town of under 3000 people, most of which is home to Native Americans. The area around Dulce was plagued with unexplained cow mutilations. Near the town of Dulce, on the Colorado-New Mexico border, is a secret underground government facility known as the Dulce Base.

The facility is a least seven levels deep. So what goes on in this place? Well, it depends who you listen to but one thing is certain, there are humans and grey aliens and reptilians. Allegedly, the humans are getting technological information from the aliens and in exchange, they give the aliens human subjects to experiment on. From all accounts I’ve read, horrible, horrible stuff goes on under that ground in New Mexico.

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