Coffee With Jeff #95: The Cock Lane Ghost

31 mins - Published Sun, Jul 3, 2016 by Jeff Kelley

On January 12, 1762, William Kent exclaimed to whatever was communicating from beyond the grave in front of the room of people attending the séance, “Thou art a lying spirit, thou are not the ghost of my Fanny. She would never have said any such thing.” There was a ghost haunting a house on Cock Lane in London that was using a young girl to communicate with the living

Was it the ghost of William Kent’s deceased lover, Fanny? Maybe it was the spirit of Elizabeth. Elizabeth was Fanny’s sister and married to William before Fanny had become William’s lover. And like Fanny, Elizabeth had gotten pregnant by William and had died soon after.

Or maybe there was no ghost at all. Maybe it was just an act of revenge!

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