Film Strip Heroes #47: Fear Tells You Where the Edge Is Colon Apocalypse

1 hour 10 mins - Published Sat, May 10, 2014 by Evan Kingston, Josh Wodarz and Robert James Algeo

Robert, Evan and Josh discuss how fear can be used as a weapon in your fight against crime – but also how that use can signify your failure to properly raise a child orphaned by crime, how too many villains can still spoil the superhero film stew – as it does in the latest Amazing Spider-Man, how to make a blockbuster films using only a few simple tags – one of which must be be “Helicopter,” and we discuss how to make a film out of Namor, the Sub-Mariner. And if you stick around until after the end credits (ooh, just like a Marvel movie), we’ll discuss the big spoiler from Amazing Spider-Man 2.

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