Film Strip Heroes #48: Batrage

- Published Sun, May 18, 2014 by Evan Kingston, Josh Wodarz and Robert James Algeo

Robert, Evan and Josh jump into the fray about Zack Snyder’s promotional tweet of Batman, how the Gambit movie is still a dumb idea, Marvel’s TV plans for the next year with the now Director Coulson on Agents of SHIELD, the positive reviews X-Men Days of Future Past is starting to get, the cash machine for Sony that is the Spider-Man franchise, everyone actually thinks The Flash trailer looks good and this show might not suck, how Constantine still could very likely suck but has a chance of not sucking, and how everyone is looking forward to what will probably be Rob Thomas’s short lived iZombie. By the way, when I said jump into the fray about the Batsuit, I mean we all see it as a harbinger of all the things that are wrong, could be wrong, with Batman vs Superman.

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