Film Strip Heroes #54: Giant Size Film Strip Heroes Annual Number Five

1 hour 27 mins - Published Mon, Jul 14, 2014 by Josh Wodarz and Robert James Algeo

50% more excitement than usual. Robert Algeo and Josh Wodarz are Canuckless due to Evan Kingston taking off for the Great White North (It’s a beauty way to go!), and they dive into the onslaught that is the Guardians of the Galaxy advertising. Gee, you’d think that movie was coming out soon. Also, why are people still trying to ape the Blair With Project (and Paranormal Activity) and what does that have to do with Josh Trank’s “grounded” Fantastic Four movie? Burt Ward and Adam West may once again relive their past escapades on the Batman BluRay commentary track. An old Superman actor might put on red and blue spandex again to play…The Atom? On Arrow?

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