Film Strip Heroes #55: Oh Noes! Comic Heroes Changes as Cultural Crisis

1 hour 1 min - Published Tue, Jul 22, 2014 by Evan Kingston and Josh Wodarz

This week Evan Kingston and Josh Wodarz explore how our culture dies a little each time Captain America quits being Cap, or dies, or gets resurrected and let’s someone else be Cap until that person dies or quits, then he’s Cap again and all is right with the world. Until Superman dies or is turned electric blue. Lucy Lawless returns to TV on Agents of SHIELD (and Evan hopes it’s as Agent Xena). A new trailer for Big Hero 6 continues to charm us. Marvel has a butt ton of movies scheduled. The Rock is cooking something with DC-and it smells like SHAZAM! (Sorry. Well, no, really I’m not).

Next week, look forward to our post San Diego Comic Con podcast with Robert Algeo (where he and Josh will NOT get sidetracked by talking about the new Weird Al movie).

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