Geekdays #153: 2015-05-25

13 mins - Published Mon, May 25, 2015 by Breki Tomasson and John Mathews

Were you trying to Find an Adult Friend? Well, your info may have been leaked… and it could be quite embarrassing… Hope you aren’t a politician… The US Senate wants the NSA to continue while the US House say “no way Jose”. Doesn’t matter, because bulk phone collection is coming to an end. Want to sell that Android phone and plan on wiping it first? Guess what… it doesn’t work. A lawsuit against Oculus Rift and Palmer Luckey (hell of a CEO name that is) establishes quite the interesting timeline before that first Kickstarter… And will Google buy Twitter? We have a theory about that.

All this and more, on today’s episode of Geekdays!

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