Geekdays #690: 2017-09-13

13 mins - Published Wed, Sep 13, 2017 by Breki Tomasson, Jeff Kelley, Raulie Ruiz and Tom Gehrke

Geekdays. We’re talking freak days.
It’s the show that doesn’t last for weeks.
Praise us because we’re the best in the business,
we bring freshness and illness to the breathless at Christmas.

They call me BeatMaster B ’cause I am here to deliver,
you eat cheese faster, please, or you’ll need a caregiver.
I know, I’m beyond comprehension,
I’m a blonde condencention and I just longed for attention.

I should get on with the show because I’ve got stories to tell
about laboratories that smell and categories of shell.
We’ve even got one that’s all about horse meat,
and we checked our source, please, and it’s all above board, see.

[Verse 4 unknown at this time]

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