Gordon's Gun Closet #4: The Wind and the Lion

1 hour 5 mins - Published Tue, Apr 26, 2016 by Gordon Frye and Nancy Frye

When it comes to movies chock full of guns, John Milius’ classic semi-historical adventure, The Wind and the Lion, is going to come up eventually. Released in 1975 and set in 1904 in Morocco and the United States, it tells a story very loosely based on the kidnapping of Ion Perdecaris by the Mulai Ahmed el Raisuli, Last of the Barbary Pirates.

We took the liberty of excerpting some of Jerry Goldsmith’s sweeping score to enhance this episode.

Capt. Jerome, USMC: Captain Jerome, United States Marine Corps, and you are my prisoner, sir.
The Bashaw of Tangier: You are a very dangerous man, Captain, and your President Roosevelt is mad.
Jerome: (saluting) Yes, sir!

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