Movieing On #288: Thelma & Louise

1 hour 22 mins - Published Fri, Jun 15, 2018 by Breki Tomasson, Linnea Kleiner and Nancy Frye

Thelma & Louise. It’s hard to imagine, looking at the sheer amount of episodes that we’ve done, that we’ve never gotten around to making an episode about this movie. It is, after all, the quintessential road trip movie … What’s that? Huh? It’s famous for other things, too? Oh. I did not know that! Fascinating.

Come see what Ridley Scott does when he’s not making effect-heavy blockbusters scored by Hans Zimmer. Come see two of the women who were nominated, but ultimately lost the Best Actress academy Award to Jodie Foster this year. Come away asking yourself if this is the true origin of the phrase “Geez, Louise”. Also, drama, excitement, death, sex, money, robberies and everything else a person could desire.

As we mention in the beginnin gof this episode, there have been some pretty bad technical issues to deal with of late. Hopefully we’ll have them all sorted out within the next few weeks, but in case we get an episode or two out late every so often – now you know why.

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