Nothing Important Happened Today #17: Getting Old with Garlic Bread

40 mins - Published Wed, Apr 13, 2016 by Breki Tomasson and Petter Mårtensson

This week on Nothing Important Happened Today, Petter and Breki sit down to tackle the three biggest questions there are out there – the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Stephen Strange, The Star Wars movie franchise, and what it’s like getting old. As always, you can expect great things when these two men occupy the same time and space, and this episode is no exception.

Please note that you will have a desire for garlic bread by the time you’ve finished listening to it.

Show notes and links:

Nothing Important Happened Today

Every other week, Petter and Breki realize that they're not scheduled to be talking about Doctor Who and their Wednesday suddenly feels empty and disappointing. Instead of letting the day go to waste, they now sit down to chat about other things instead; things like life, universe, and how they became be the weird young men that they grew up to be.

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