Nothing Important Happened Today #18: Postmodern Franchises and Extra Material

1 hour 3 mins - Published Wed, Apr 27, 2016 by Breki Tomasson and Petter Mårtensson

This week on Nothing Important Happened Today, Petter and Breki sit down to have a chat about … well; the usual, really. What they’ve been doing these past two weeks and what kinds of things they’ve been thinking about. There’s talk about postmodern Twitter bots, Dark Souls, board games, Dark Souls, Pretentious Holy Men on Twitter, the superhero genre being one bad movie away from failure – but still surviving despite all of the bad ones – as well as the state of movie franchises today.

As per usual, they can’t really stick to a topic, but that’s kind of the charm, right? Right.

Show notes and links:

Nothing Important Happened Today

Every other week, Petter and Breki realize that they're not scheduled to be talking about Doctor Who and their Wednesday suddenly feels empty and disappointing. Instead of letting the day go to waste, they now sit down to chat about other things instead; things like life, universe, and how they became be the weird young men that they grew up to be.

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