Nothing Important Happened Today #7: Winds of Change

51 mins - Published Wed, Nov 25, 2015 by Breki Tomasson and Petter Mårtensson

Breki Tomasson has just moved, and Petter Mårtensson has … well, nothing major has changed there, all things considered.

This week, the gruesome twosome is sitting down to talk about the times they went through some of the bigger changes in their lives; the times that they decided to reinvent themselves or got some kind of new beginning in their lives. It’s an episode about the times that they stopped working in order to go back to school, the times they moved to other countries or the times that they decided to get something completely different and new from their lives.

Naturally, this being Petter and Breki talking to each other, there’s bound to be a bunch of other distractions along the way, including a chat about a guy who is literally Hitler.

Breki's New Living Room

Breki’s New Living Room

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Nothing Important Happened Today

Every other week, Petter and Breki realize that they're not scheduled to be talking about Doctor Who and their Wednesday suddenly feels empty and disappointing. Instead of letting the day go to waste, they now sit down to chat about other things instead; things like life, universe, and how they became be the weird young men that they grew up to be.

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