Retrograde #18: Quake

1 hour 3 mins - Published Wed, Feb 6, 2013 by Anthony Hobday, Jack Marshall, James MacFadyen, Lysanne Fisher and Neil Skinner

Welcome to episode eighteen of Retrograde! This week the Retrograde team enter medieval hell with Quake!

Join me; Jack Marshall, and my fellow comrades Lysanne FisherJames MacFadyen, and Anthony Hobday as we cock our guns. In this episode, we discuss how well Quake has aged, the Quake engine, the legacy of the game, and the story *giggle* of the game.

We’re also joined this week by Neil Skinner who, back in the day, was a semi-professional Quake tournament player and who has kindly agreed to join us and share his unique insights into the multi-player world of Quake.

So; don the camouflage, polish your nail gun, and rehearse your war face and join the Retrograde team as we play Quake! Also, don’t forget to head over to iTunes and pop a lovely review down for us. We’ll even send you a free spiffing Limited Edition Rare Special Edition Super Retrograde Badge!

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Retrograde is a fortnightly retro gaming show launched on the CSICON network in May 2012. Each episode focuses on one game from yesteryear chosen by one of our Retrograde team, who put the game under scrutiny as well as talk about the history and legacy of the game and its overall impact on the gaming world. Join your hosts as they suit up and brave the world of sprites and chip tunes.

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