Retrograde #5: Transport Tycoon

- Published Wed, Jul 18, 2012 by Anthony Hobday, Jack Marshall, James MacFadyen and Lysanne Fisher

This is episode five of Retrograde! This week’s game is the classic Transport Tycoon!

Join us as, this week, we pile aboard the 1994 game Transport Tycoon (well; the 2010 open sourced Transport Tycoon version OpenTTD, to be precise).

We’ll be discussing the addictive nature of the game, the definition of entertainment, and a discussion into why people play games based around mundane real-world jobs. We also look at the game mechanics where we talk in depth about the mathematics of the game, the advanced signalling available in the game, and we even talk about NeoGaf and their current week of playing Transport Tycoon. Lastly; if you want to play the game don’t forget to try the online javascript version of the game.

This week’s episode is sponsored by Tofu-Testing are a freelance QA service for indie teams and bedroom coders set up to embrace the growth in the indie gaming scene. If you have an indie game in the works and would like professional level free QA; head over to Tofu-Testing and get in touch!

So; buy a first class ticket, hop aboard, and take a one-way train journey with Retrograde!


Retrograde is a fortnightly retro gaming show launched on the CSICON network in May 2012. Each episode focuses on one game from yesteryear chosen by one of our Retrograde team, who put the game under scrutiny as well as talk about the history and legacy of the game and its overall impact on the gaming world. Join your hosts as they suit up and brave the world of sprites and chip tunes.

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