The Specials #7: Looking Forward

3 mins - Published Sat, May 3, 2014 by Breki Tomasson

Hello CSICONauts, and thank you for tuning in.

First of all, let me congratulate Michael Vaughan, who just won our monthly Patreon give-away. I’ll be sending a brand new pair of Tweaked Audio headphones to him as soon as I have his address. For the rest of you, if you also want to win something, just head on over to and make a pledge of a dollar or more, you’ll be in the runnings to win every single month.

We’re now in the month of May of 2014, and things are beginning to feel like routine here. That’s why spring cleaning is so difficult to do; we don’t really have any cruft to get rid of. We’ve got our shows, we’ve got our schedules, and our habits, and not much has changed for some time. That’s why we need to change things up and make a mess of things. You know; change partly for change’s sake, but also because we need to grow the network.

That’s why I’m setting up this thing here – a casting call. We’re taking new podcasts in to the CSCION network now, not really looking to launch new shows, but would rather take in shows that are already established on other networks or as solo projects, bringing them home to CSICON where they can take part of the community and infrastructure that we’ve got going here. As a podcaster, being part of CSICON means you get to focus on content; we’ll take care of the hosting, sponsors, costs, episode upload systems, infrastructure and all that other goodness. You’ll be part of a big family of podcasters who help each other out when somebody’s sick, traveling or otherwise unable to record. We all understand that the show must go on.

If this is interesting to you, or if you’re an established podcaster elsewhere that wants to join the network and launch a new show here, to try the waters, as it were, just get in touch with us over at We’ll take a look and get back to you as soon as possible.

For everybody else; thank you for listening to the CSICON network. You guys are the people who make this thing possible. We love you guys. Every single one.

… Except for you, Fred. I don’t love you.

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