The Kingston Legacy #10: We Welcome Our Comcast Overlords

51 mins - Published Fri, Jun 26, 2015 by Josh Wodarz and Robert James Algeo

Join Robert Algeo and Josh Wodarz as they expose what really brought down the Titanic. Ok; ,ot really. Maybe they talk about a bunch of weird and cool stuff. Like the interesting, thoroughly researched, and somewhat depressing Future Timeline website. Maybe they discuss the Derelict project, a mash up of Prometheus and Alien, edited together in monochrome. Maybe they talk about whether the Internet is a Failed Utiopia, and actually whether it was ever really a Utopia.

Honestly, they’re a little all over the place, but it makes for a loose and fun conversation. Also, it’s discussed that Robert feels guilty eating lunchables, and they (once again) discuss the fact that Josh has no ethical or moral qualms when it comes to the eradication of squirrels. Fun stuff, indeed.

Show notes and links:

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