The Kingston Legacy #5: Video Game Urban Legends

42 mins - Published Fri, Mar 27, 2015 by Josh Wodarz and Robert James Algeo

This week, Robert Algeo and Josh Wodarz dive into the murky world of video game urban legends.

From haunted video game consoles to haunted video games to The Last Star Fighter. This is not about the hidden levels that your friends told you existed that were never there. This is about the weird and spooky parts of the world of video games.

I’d like to say you’d be terrified about the things we talk about, but the truth is we’re all adults now and none of this is true. Right? Please tell me it isn’t, because I bought a copy Karvina Corporations Killswitch for a lot of money, and I’m a little afraid of playing it. So, it’s cool… right?

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