CSICON v3.1.0

When we released CSICON v3 into the world, we did so knowing that we’d designed a beautiful new website for the CSICON Network from the ground up. Gone were five years of legacy code that wasn’t suitable for our purposes any longer and replaced by something written specifically for the CSICON Network instead.

However, version 3 was just the first major leap forward. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been fixing minor bugs and adjusting a couple of things behind the scenes, sneakily releasing v3.0.1, v3.0.2, v3.0.3 and v3.0.4 behind your backs. No new functionality has been added during that time, but development work has not been standing still.

Today is March third, and we’d like to take that opportunity to unveil version 3.1.0, the first minor release since the major release of version 3. This new version of the CSICON website features the following:

  • Themes! In addition to the normal CSICON theme, you can now chose ‘Foggy’ and ‘Night’ at the bottom of the site to personalize your viewing experience. This is stored in your session, so should be retained as long as your cookie settings permit.
  • Sponsorship data now appears in the RSS feeds in addition to appearing on the website, so people can find the sponsorship details in their podcatchers of choice without having to visit the site to see them.
  • Additional methods of finding podcasts online, whether that be through Twitter, Facebook or Goodreads are now visible on the podcast category pages. This comes in addition to the previous RSS and/or iTunes links.
  • New Font! We’ve replaced the main body font with one that is slightly easier to read.
  • Info box at the top of the page can appear when something interesting or relevant happens. That’s probably how you found this page!